Grief and Loss

Loss is part of living, and grief is the emotional reaction to that loss. It is necessary to recognize that loss and the attendant grief have a vast range of intensities within the individual’s life. Whether it is the death of a loved one (pets included) or the unexpected change in life style due to health, professional, or personal relationship; loss changes life as it previously existed.

To rebalance and renew life after a loss is essential. The method and quality of such a process is important. Therapy can be helpful in this journey. One does not simply “get over it” as many might say, but must learn to “integrate” the loss into a personal life story. In other words, you may not have had much of a choice concerning the loss, but the direction into which you are moving is up to you. This involves the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of each person’s life.

As a nationally certified therapist in grief counseling (ADEC – Association for Death and Education Counseling), John Reininger brings to each session many years of professional experience and study to assist individuals on their passage through grief.