A message from John Reininger:  Explore New Possibilities

Everyday has possibilities to rest, connect, learn, heal, love, or grow. As a psychotherapist it is my goal to assist each individual to develop their inherent strengths in order to achieve such possibilities.

"My approach to therapy is much like a tutor at school, helping the client explore new possibilities, and when necessary, get unstuck."

In order to more effectively move towards achieving individual goals it is also important to understand the dynamics that can keep a person "stuck" in repeating destructive behaviors.  Therapy cannot change the past, which may contribute to a sense of helplessness.  However, it can provide insight and empower healthy changes in the present creating a potentially healthier future.

Finally, I try to provide a therapeutic environment that is a safe place for the client to be themselves and in doing so facilitate the discovery of their own potential.

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