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Everyday we make choices to rest, play, work, connect, learn, heal, love, grow, etc. As a psychotherapist John’s objective is to assist the individual in discovering their inherent strengths and see possibilities moving into the future. Sometimes it is difficult to recognize potential due to “old tapes” that restrict exploring healthier directions. Therapy cannot change the past, but it can enable better decision making today. John tries to provide an environment that is a safe place for the client. There is no judgement in his office. This can help the client to be themselves. John promotes an atmosphere that encourages a fresher approach to the future.

"Dog Walking: Reflections from Daily Life"

John has written a book that uses the daily experience of walking his dogs to help nurture simple truths that improve the quality of life. Each story has a singular focus and is complete at that point. If you wish to go further onto the topic, the subsequent headings can help you explore insights to your own life. This inspiring self help book is divided into Seasons. In South Florida there is a climatic subtly to the different times of the year. What remains is the emotional ebb and flow of the months. In our lives there are also "seasons." These are defined by life style changes, emotional ups and downs, and of course, time.

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