Thoughts on Christian-Based Counseling

Wellness is multi-dimensional. We need to be good stewards of physical, mental, and spiritual health. In doing so we respect the unique God created human beings that we are. Therefore we have an obligation to actively care for all aspects of our existence.

Acknowledging the important role spirituality plays in living a balanced life is the first step. Putting God given guidelines into action is the second step. Finally practicing these values daily brings an inner strength and serenity found nowhere else. It is here we allow God to be an active part of our lives.

As a therapist John respects the diversity that defines Christian spirituality. Just as an oak tree has many branches, they all grow from the central trunk, it still remains an oak tree.

With a background in Pastoral Ministry there are times in private practice and during crisis events that John is asked to provide spiritual support. This has been very helpful in providing hope and thus easing the intensity of the stress.